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About Stek360

Why Chose Stek360 Electrical Solutions?

In the competitive world of electrical contractors, you might find yourself asking, who should I chose? If you haven’t had experience with Stek360 Electrical Solutions yet, then what incentive do you have to hire us over a different company? Here are some reasons to be confident you found your electrician.


Mark Stecho (The owner and operator of the company) has more than 20 years of experience in Residential, Industrial and ICI electrical work. When you hire Stek360 you get Mark onsite doing the work, not some subcontractor working under his name. You get a Master electrician (ECRA #7016844) with a 309A Journeyman Certificate qualified to work in Ontario since 1999.

Before becoming an electrical contractor, Mark was involved in the service side of electrical work for 15+ years in a large well known electrical company in Kitchener, ON. One of his specialties was preventative maintenance and IR scanning, identifying weaknesses in electrical systems and fixing them before they became an issue. Stek360 has the equipment and experience to offer this service today as well. Additionally, Mark played a lead role in the sourcing, contracting and installation of numerous LED retrofits for large scale customers, such as WRDSB.

Electrical Safety

Stek360 Electrical Solutions has also inherited Marks safety culture as a Certified Health and Safety Trainer. Mark cares deeply about the safety of his employee’s, his customers, and those near and around his job sites. The company always adheres closely to the standards and codes of the Ontario Electrical Safety Authority and believes everyone has the right to a safe workplace.

Why Chose Stek360 Electrical Solutions? They Care About Safety.

360 Degrees of Diversity

Other Electrical experience includes smart home installations (Certified Nest PRO installer), fire alarm systems, in-floor heating installations, EV charger installations, commercial and residential backup generator installation and maintenance, and both new construction, and renovations.

If you have a residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional electrical project you have found your company. Stek360 Electrical Solutions is at your service. Fill out our short form for a free quote.

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